There are so many holes in her story.  There always are.  I look into her eyes, sparkling with excitement and know she is lying.  She looks away fidgeting uneasily.

The cracks in her explanation are bigger than usual, gaping in fact.  I love her dearly, but wonder why I stay.  Bizarrely, I know she loves me too.  Sadness washes over me like surf rolling onto the beach.  Why does she need to do it?  Why am I not enough?

I know she wasn’t with Sophie all evening.  I know this with absolute conviction, because Sophie was in bed with me.

Word Count: 100

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

52 thoughts on “Duplicity

  1. gahlearner says:

    Quite the hypocrite, isn’t he? Maybe that kind of promiscuous relationship works for them, if they can learn to be honest to each other. Great use of the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rowena says:

    Not sure what lies ahead for this couple. Relationship definitely seems to be onlife support. Or, maybe it just came off. Perhaps, this is a turning point? A stay or go moment. Well done.
    xx Rowena

    Liked by 1 person

  3. neeltheauthor says:

    I he cheating on the rebound? Or is he an inveterate cheat? And what about her? Who is to be blamed? He? She? Both? None? Or maybe, there is no cheating involved here at all?
    Everything is fair and abobe board then? A damn good story, Clare.

    Liked by 1 person

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