Since primary school, I have always been a prolific reader and sporadic writer.  The English language fascinates me and I love creating well-constructed pieces of writing. Whether it is to bring order to my thoughts, convey information (even a work email has to be grammatically correct; I hate it when I receive poorly written emails!) or as an outlet for my emotions, writing has always been my most effective channel.

I studied a degree late in life.  Producing the assignments and dissertation to complete the course rekindled my desire to write.  Whilst this was non-fiction, I have since started writing fiction again.

I have found that participating in the weekly 100 word challenge, Friday Fictioneers, has tightened up my writing significantly.  I am very proud of some of the entries, but others I reflect on and know I could have done more with the prompt or written much better.  I have also written some short stories and nonsense poems.  I attend a writing circle once a fortnight and find the other members, who are all very experienced, extremely helpful and supportive.

I have always believed that one day I would write a novel and at the beginning of June 2017 started a novel writing course to help me achieve this ambition.


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